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Trash into Treasure

To construct the building, Giles’ boom pump placed concrete for the footings and foundation in Septembe... READ MORE

Trash into Treasure

To construct the building, Giles’ boom pump placed concrete for the footings and foundation in September 2017, but progress was halted while waiting on final waste processing machinery specs to accurately create the machinery foundations.

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Distinctive capabilities of Putzmeister boom pump effectively places concrete to construct unique recycling facility that will turn trash into treasure

STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN (February 15, 2019) – “The concrete placing work we’re doing inside the waste processing facility being built is just as amazing as what the structure will accomplish once functional,” said N. Shane Giles, owner of N.S. Giles Foundations, Inc., a concrete contracting business in Bangor, Maine. Giles is referring to the distinctive capabilities of his Putzmeister 38Z-5-Meter truck-mounted boom pump to effectively place concrete for a materials recovery facility that will convert trash into recyclables and organic materials into biofuels.

Fiberight LLC is the developer for the Coastal Resources of Maine project, which is considered the next generation of recycling plants designed to dispose of waste. It will divide trash into reusable and non-reusable materials using cameras to optically sort materials with a system that automatically recognizes, for instance, what’s plastic and what’s paper and then separates it on a conveyor. As a result, paper products will be sent to a pulper and turned into pulp that can go directly to a paper mill. Leftover fibrous material can be turned into fuel pellets for heating. Meanwhile, organic waste will be used to make biofuel, which is similar to natural gas. A facility like this one, where the majority of the work can be done on site, brings the latest technologies in recycling.


Go for Five


To construct the building, Giles’ boom pump placed concrete for the footings and foundation in September 2017, but progress was halted while waiting on final waste processing machinery specs to accurately create the machinery foundations. When crews returned to finish in April 2018, they placed concrete for slabs, 15-foot tall push walls and of course, the huge equipment pads for the massive automated machinery to be installed. A 4,500-psi concrete mix was predominantly used.

Dale Daggett, Estimator / Project Coordinator at Giles, said, “All the interior work was completed in phases. Once an area was designed, we would start on the concrete work. By the time we approached the completion of that phase, the next area had been designed. This project was all about timing.”

Although the intricate concrete work was a matter of logistics, a bigger obstacle was the low ceiling height. The solution to placing concrete under these difficult-to-access conditions was the 38Z-5-Meter boom pump, with its unfolding height of only 24' 3" (7.40m). The boom pump’s five boom arms and Z-Fold configuration enabled it to both unfold inside the building and operate under the low head room available. This would offer a significant labor- and time-saving advantage.

“The ability of the 38Z-5 to operate inside the building was extremely advantageous, so we didn’t need to set up outside the structure and drag hose; instead, we could place concrete directly from the end hose,” adds Giles. “We could have never done this with a four-section boom pump under these low heights.” In 38-meter boom designs, there is about a five-foot difference in unfolding height between a four- and a five-stage boom.

The 38Z-5 was purchased in 2016 to handle the contractor’s own work, and its versatility convinced Giles that it would be a wise investment to purchase the same model again as an addition to their fleet.  While putting the new model in service, Kevin Brost, Putzmeister Field Service Technician was on this job site, and noted, “This application showed exactly why this model is the best-selling at Putzmeister. The five-section, Z-Fold boom is so easy to unfold and could maneuver in and out around columns, something that couldn’t be done with a four-section boom on this job.”

For reach between columns, the boom would fold up like an accordion into a compact stack, rotate in the tight confines and then extend into the next area, avoiding another column while providing a more convenient approach to placing concrete with less interruption.

“We were able to use our Putzmeister 38Z-5 pumps for all of the interior placements,” said Daggett. “However, at one point due to scheduling conflicts, we had to hire a pump. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was unable to open up inside the building. When ordering the pump rental, I took for granted the room required for setup, thinking that any boom pump could setup like our 38Z-5.”


A New Generation

Although the new model joined an existing 38Z-5 in Giles’ fleet, it replaced a Telebelt® TB 80 telescopic conveyor bought 17 years ago. “We were so accustomed to the low unfolding and operating height of the conveyor that we didn’t want to go to a four-stage boom when we bought our first 38Z-5 because it would limit our use,” said Giles. The versatility of the 38Z-5-meter boom was the answer to their concerns while providing a long 123' 0" (37.50m) vertical reach, especially beneficial due to the increased demand for work on taller commercial structures they had begun experiencing.

Just as the significant benefits of the next generation in recycling trash are to be realized by this new plant, so are the benefits of the 38Z-5-Meter, also a New Generation, to the concrete contractor.

“I figured there would be some model changes from year to year, but I didn’t realize how much of a change this one would be,” said Giles. “The New Generation boom pump is far more advanced, especially since you can see so many important functions on the screen at the radio remote.”

The control system, Ergonic® 2.0, allows the operator to monitor hydraulic temperatures, system pressure and even output in cubic yards or meters just by looking down at the handheld remote control. There’s no need to walk back to the truck to check on these items any longer. Featuring wireless computer technology and a new Ergonic Graphic Display Radio Remote Control (EGD-RC) with a high-resolution all-in-one display screen, it acts as both the radio and cable remote.

During the project, there were no technical issues encountered with the equipment. From a service standpoint, Brost, with 18 years of sales, service and operational experience in the concrete pumping industry, says, “The New Generation pump is impressive with its clean layout and improved access to service components from both above and below the unit.” The model also offers bolt-on components, which makes maintenance or repair simple, quick and kept to a minimum.


On the Horizon

In December 2018, the boom pumps finished the concrete work for the $70 million waste-to-energy plant in Hampden, Maine, having successfully placed 5,900 total cubic yards of concrete for the project. Fully operational in early 2019, the 144,000-square-foot facility has a 180,000-ton-per-year capacity to service more than 115 communities under a 15-year contract. About 80 percent of the waste deposited at the new facility will be reused, which means only about 20 percent will end up in a landfill.

Since the Fiberight project, the concrete contractor has been keeping both their boom pumps busy and highly visible, with a huge American Eagle decal wrapped around the truck cabs. Giles says, “We just wanted to show our patriotism, and the eagle is certainly a traveling billboard that conveys the message.”

These traveling billboards are a big leap from 20 years ago when Giles started the business with his determination and a pickup truck, installing a concrete pier under a friend’s deck as his first job. Today, the company is the largest concrete contractor in Maine, with 125 employees and a strong commitment to excellence in customer service. “The best equipment is what helps us be the best at what we do,” said Giles. “The equipment and the team of people at Putzmeister have been great over the years.”


Developer: Fiberight LLC Catonsville, Maryland

General Contractor: Cianbro CorporationPittsfield, Maine

Concrete Contractor: N.S. Giles Foundations, Inc.—Bangor, Maine

Ready Mix Supplier: Sargent Materials—Hampden, Maine

Equipment: Putzmeister 38Z-5-Meter New Generation truck-mounted concrete boom pumps (2)


The versatility of the five-section Z-Fold boom could easily maneuver in and out around columns.

The Putzmeister New Generation 38Z-5-Meter could both unfold inside the building and operate under extremely low heights to place concrete, especially in the low clearance side bays.

Massive automated machinery for a unique waste processing facility required large equipment concrete pads to be placed.  Credit: Fiberight

A huge American Eagle decal is wrapped around the truck cab to show the patriotism of the Maine-based concrete contractor, N.S. Giles.

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